Personal information you provide may be used for secondary purposes [Privacy Law, §15.04(1)(m)].

Step 1: User Information
  Please select one of the following  

  User ID   *  (From DWD Account Creation Screen)
  First Name   *   MI 
  Last Name   *
  Mother's Maiden Name   **
  Organization/Child Care Center Name   *
  Daytime Phone   ** Ext 
  Director/Owner Name   **
  Director/Owner's Phone   ** Ext 
      * Denotes a field that is always required.
** Denotes a field that is required only when entering a "First time request for access to CCPI."

You must enter information in the "Provider Information Access Request" section, shown below in Step 2, in order to gain access to the correct provider/location CCPI screens.
  • Enter the 10-digit CARES Provider Number and the 3-digit Location Number. The provider and location numbers can be found on Child Care Attendance Report forms and the authorization notices. If you want access to more than one location, you must indicate each location (001, 002, etc.).
  • Select the county in which the day care center is located.
  • Select the "Type of Application". Each type of application determines what screens you will be able to view and if you will be able to enter attendance. NOTE: Select "A" if you want to be able to enter attendance.
  • Indicate the “Effective Begin Date”. This is the date you want to begin to have access to CCPI.
  • This is the form you will use in the future to report any changes in the data reported on this form, including ending access to CCPI.
Step 2: Provider Information Access Request
  Provider # Loc # County Name Type of Application Effective
Begin Date
End Date
1 . 
2 . 
3 . 
4 . 
5 . 
6 . 
7 . 
8 . 
9 . 
10 . 

DWS-12552 (R.12/2008)