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DWD/Wisconsin Logon Management System

The DWD/Wisconsin Logon Management System allows authorized individuals to access many DWD Internet applications using a single Username and Password. When access to information or services is restricted to protect your privacy or the privacy of others, you will be asked to provide your Username and Password. Your DWD/Wisconsin Logon verifies your identity so that we can provide you with access to your information and services and prevent access by unauthorized individuals.

User Acceptance Agreement

Please note that only certain types of information will be stored in your Logon Profile, as described in the User Acceptance Agreement. Your Logon Profile will never contain records such as driving history, tax information, unemployment compensation, vehicle registrations or prison records.

Sign Up for your DWD/Wisconsin Logon

Logon Creation  allows you to create your personal  DWD/Wisconsin Logon. This is your key to doing secure business with DWD over the Internet. NOTE: If you don't use your Logon for 26 months it may be deleted without warning, following security best practices. If you need a Logon after the original is deleted, you will need to create a new Logon and request the required access.

Change / Update Your Logon Profile

Profile Management allows you to change your Logon email address, personal information, and security information.

Change Your Password

Password Management allows you to change your Password.

Forgot Your Username or Password?

Username/Password Recovery allows you to recover a forgotten Username and/or Password.