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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Logon Creation

How do I request a DWD/Wisconsin Logon?
Click the Logon Creation link. After accepting the User Acceptance Agreement, you will begin the Logon creation process. Once you submit the online form, you will see a confirmation message indicating the Logon Creation process is complete. Your DWD/Wisconsin Logon is now activated. NOTE: If you don't use your Logon for 26 months it may be deleted without warning, following security best practices. If you need a Logon after the original is deleted, you will need to create a new Logon and request the required access.

The Logon Creation asks for my first and last name, but I work for a business. Whose name do I enter?
This is a personal Logon which you may use for different purposes, so enter your own name, not the business name or your boss's name. If you will be using your DWD/Wisconsin Logon for your work, there will be an additional step later that will connect your Logon with that business or organization.

What if I don't have an email?
A valid email address is required to use the Automated Username/Password Recovery feature. To get a free email account, you can search the Internet for "free email accounts" or you can set up a free email account by selecting one of the following links:

What happens to my contact information?
Refer to the User Acceptance Agreement for an explanation of the policies regarding the information collected.

What are the Security Question and Answer and why do I need them?
If you are unable to logon, you will need to provide the answer to your security question in order to get access to your Logon.

Profile Management

How do I change my Password?
Click the Password Management link. Enter your Username and your current Password and click OK. On the next page, enter your current Password and your new Password, then re-enter your new Password and then click Submit. You will see confirmation that your Password has been changed.

How do I change my contact information?
Click the Profile Management link. Enter your Username and your current Password and click OK. On the next page, edit the contact information and then click Submit. You will see confirmation that your contact information has been changed.

Username/Password Recovery

What should I do if I forget my Password or Username?
You should access the "Username/Password Recovery" function. You will be prompted to enter the email address you entered when you created your DWD/Wisconsin Logon. We will send instructions on how to automatically recover your Username and Password.

Why is my Logon disabled?
Your Logon may be locked if you entered an incorrect Username or Password when logging in, or your Username has expired.

What should I do if my Logon is locked or disabled?
If you are denied access due to an expired DWD/Wisconsin Logon or a "disabled Logon", contact us by clicking here.


Why can't I access an application if I have logged on with a valid DWD/Wisconsin Logon?
Having a valid DWD/Wisconsin Logon is one of two steps necessary to access secured Web applications. You must also have permission to access that particular Web application.

How do I obtain permission to access secured DWD Web applications?
You will need to contact the program area (i.e. Worker's Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, Random Moment Sampling "RMS" Administrator, etc.), to request access to their application.

How do I disable my Logon?
Currently there is no way to disable your Logon. However a program area can disable your access to their application. Contact the program area if you would like your Logon disabled.

What if I use a Proxy Server to access the internet?
If you connect to the Internet by a proxy server, contact your network administrator or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that cookies are not filtered out at the proxy. If they are, you will not be able to access some State Web applications.